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The index of Zefinance is considered on shares, in which 90% of trades are held by Prof. Stock market participants, is the basis for structural products with maximum profitability, minimal volatility and effective diversification, ideal for private investors.

Service Zefinance, the best investment consultant, based on artificial intelligence, with risk management capabilities, and control of the largest market transactions of funds, in real time. For your portfolio of securities and for your transactions on the market.

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We process data in real time, ZeFinance is the world's first debt market data aggregator, revealing the activity of the most efficient investors. We achieved 99.99% accuracy of forecasts about the actions of large investors in the stock market. Our forecasts are easily verified by independent data sources (Vanguards, MSCI, FTEM, EPFR).

For our customers, the data is visualized, our service, the most visual aid representing the activity of professional market participants and effective investors, is for you. Unlike US counterparts and developed markets, where the price of such services representing accurate, quantitative market estimates is more than $ 3000 per month, the price of our subscription is the lowest in the world for such services. The service allows private investors to get rid of most of the probabilistic market assessments, and increase the efficiency of investments by multiple!

Service provider ZeFinance, a pioneer in the field of processing large amounts of debt market data, we use the world's best data filtering algorithms, identifying the activity of the most effective investors and decoding their strategies for our customers. We apply and publish the best international and international practices and cases, as part of escorting our clients. Allowing you to navigate in the investment context of the current moment. We attract the best world experts to the project who have passed an independent audit of the quality of their work. Customers of the service, autonomously increase the efficiency of investments, with the help of an independent comparative assessment of your results.

You can successfully sell securities by using our knowledge and experience. You will be able to sell your investments at the best price before the stock exchange downturn. With the technology DEBT ZeFinance, you will receive information about how seriously major investors relate to the idea of financial collapse. Our technology will apply you to protect against financial collapses as it was in 2011 , 2008 , 2000 and so on. We conducted a full-scale study of the effectiveness of this technology, both independently and with the assistance of independent experts.



If the exchanges are on the eve of the financial boom, you may miss out on your chance to get rich.  Our knowledge will help you to buy a stock at the best price before the growth of the stock market. Using technology DEBT ZeFinance you will be informed exactly when investors expect the financial boom and being prepared to take part in it. Now you will be able to accurately determine the start of price "rally" on the stock market.



Sometimes in an era of financial prosperity and abundance of money  there comes a crisis on the stock exchanges. It happens when there are concealed problems in the corporate sector. Using the technology INSIDER ZEFINANCE you will be able to understand how good or bad things at the companies are going. With this information you can quickly track how investors assess the risk of all companies operating in the market. For your convenience  we will give you information not only in the convenient form for risk-estimation, but also a convenient way to analyze the business cycle and the situation of individual sectors and companies. At the time using the technology INSIDER ZEFINANCE you could predict the 1929 crisis, the crisis of 1937, the crises of 1970 - s. years.



We estimated the effect of activities of a large part of the portfolio managers of shares (based on the  research of Hulbert Digest and The Wall Street journal (June, 2013) and our own analysis. During the managing of portfolio of liquid securities in the U.S. market, the average annual income from 1998 to 2013 was equal to:


  • Independent managers:........................................... 6,6%

  • According to the structure of the Vanguard:..................... 4,8%

  • Portfolio of Warren Bafeta: .................................... 4,2%

  • S&P 500: ....................................................... 5,2%

  • According to the technology ZeFinance: ........................ 12,3%

For Russian blue chips beta is 1.7 -2

For the Russian stocks of the second tier Beta is 2.3 - 3.1



We offer you service of portfolio management to make the right decisions and maximize revenue of your portfolio. In real time you can see what stocks and how much investors buy / sell on the Russian / Finnish market , the risks of the stock market , and how much money is coming / leaving with your market shares.

We offer:

a retrospective actions of investors in U.S. stock market, their balance of purchases and sales on the stock exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ, trading market profile based on their stock exchange transactions, so you can work effectively with the index instruments.

Our product quality is equivalent to a complex of services:


-Vanguard portfolio services

-MSCI Barra portfolio services

- Сapitalcontext for arbitrage models of U.S. Indexes

-Tabb group of portfolio risk

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